For the British teen to Her Leyland – (17) with a changed life from one moment to the next. His dog, pulled out a cushion from under him when he was in office was that it had a big impact. The boy became paralyzed and could only have one finger to move around.

seventeen-year-old Leyland was sitting quietly in the office when the dog’s pillow from under his head and pulled. The boy fell and hit his head in the ground. He stood up and walked over to his bedroom, where he suffered a stroke was given. His brother saw what had happened, and called me immediately to the emergency services. When these got, it could Leyland have a hard time breathing and could not speak. He was taken to the hospital and was in for four days in an artificial coma is being held.

different strokes, walked up to the boy, the damage to his spine. He was paralyzed and was in the first few weeks of feeding. Therefore, he could not speak. Ever since the accident, it is the situation has slightly improved. He can talk and he can, once again, a single finger movement, but according to the doctors, there are no signals on the nerves within the legs and in the left-hand side of his body.

The family raises money in order for their home to be able to grow, that Leyland will not spend the rest of his days be spent in his master bedroom.

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