Soap, paste, tomato… These products are getting more and more expensive. Buying becomes more and more complicated when you know that inflation is still increasing. The French are tightening the screws because the racing budget is becoming more substantial. According to INSEE figures from August 2022, over one year, this economic phenomenon which affects France has increased by 5.9%. “We are faced with a tsunami of costs in the food sector,” Jean-Philippe André, the president of industrialists in the sector, told Franceinfo.

Some departments of the major retail brands bear the brunt of the aggravation of costs according to the barometer of the Iri institute, reported by the media Femina:

In addition, inflation is likely to persist, although a slowdown in prices was felt in August. Patrick Artus, head of economics at Natixis and interviewed by Le Figaro, is not enthusiastic: “It is probably temporary. I am careful not to speak of the beginning of a phase of disinflation”.

High prices lead to difficult decisions for consumers when shopping… So to support them, some supermarkets are helping French people save money. In this sense, Planet has produced the slideshow below which ranks 5 brands where purchasing power is improved, according to an OpinionWay survey for Bonial*. A score out of 10 was awarded for each brand, by the 1,000 people questioned.

*Sample of 5,004 people representative of the French population, users of Bonial. Self-administered online questionnaire, carried out from August 1 to August 11, 2022. The sample was constituted according to the quota method, with regard to the criteria of age and region of residence.