Bad habits die hard. Compulsive shopping, reckless spending… Sometimes it’s hard to stick to your budget. If you think you are this type of person, rest assured: we are not born thrifty, we become one! To better manage your money, but also to increase your purchasing power and your savings capacity, it is sometimes enough to make a few adjustments in your daily life.

This means regularly reviewing your contracts and subscriptions, for example, but also lighter details such as the time you go to the gas pump or the coins you spend at the supermarket. In our slideshow below, discover twenty bad habits to banish absolutely to stop losing money. This is the beginning of wealth!

To make real savings, the key is to stop impulse buying. Easier said than done, you might say! Rather than asking yourself the banal question “Do I really need it?”, start by asking yourself more open questions. For example, ask yourself what your purchase will be used for, if it is suitable for your needs, and how many times you will need to use it before it pays for itself.

The Ooreka site also advises you to ask yourself about any additional purchases that this purchase will involve: will you have to buy batteries to power this light garland? New jeans to go with that sweater? Or a polish for your new pair of sneakers?