You thought you were done with taxes? Think again ! After last year’s tax return campaign, it’s time – like every year! – expect a series of new tax deadlines no less important. On the income tax side, which concerns all or part of French taxpayers, six important dates are approaching. It is better to know them to better anticipate them and, if necessary… to prepare for them. After all, there are potentially expensive and unpleasant scenarios. More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article. Planet details the calendar to remember for the end of the year.

By early 2023, taxpayers will indeed have a lot to do. They will soon receive their tax notice. This is an important document to keep in mind. But what is it for, exactly?

The tax notice, explains the Journal du Net, is used in particular to justify to any administration or social organization the income declared by the taxpayer to the General Directorate of Public Finance.

It includes various important information including: