He is an icon of the seventh art in Hollywood. American actress Meryl Streep is on television this Monday, December 18, 2023 in the film On the Roads of Madison with Clint Eastwood broadcast on Arte. The story of a meeting between our two heroes, Francesca and Robert, a farmer and mother in Iowa with a photographer passing through the region, who begins a brief passionate romance in the mid-1960s.

Their relationship was kept secret in an envelope containing missives, photographs and intimate memories that Francesca’s children found in a box at the time of her disappearance. This fiction produced in 1995, adapted from the novel by Robert James Waller, published three years earlier, is one of the successful masterpieces of Meryl Streep’s career.

“Francesca is a very complex character to play. A character who awakens during the film,” said the American actress in an exclusive report granted to the 20 Heures newspaper on France 2, revealed by the INA. “She devoted herself only to herself and her family. Her horizons were limited by the life she had led until then. And then a man arrives who makes her realize that there is an infinity possibilities in life.

For the actress and Clint Eastwood’s on-screen partner, “it’s a magnificent story, like a tale. […] Human beings never give up on a dream.” Of her character, Meryl Streep will say that she is “sensual, but modest and reserved”. However, this role earned the American star three nominations for the best actress award (Oscars, Golden Globes and SAG Awards).

Twenty-eight years later, Meryl Streep’s career has reached the heights of fame. The septuagenarian has been distinguished for several film roles. From the historical genre to comedy, including dramatic films, a look back at seven key roles to review in our slideshow.