Head of the day – “you want us to destroy ourselves”Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, calls for an end to the violence in the protests in the United States. George Floyd would have wanted it that way.Opinion Salome Müller0 comment Terrence Floyd: The younger brother of George Floyd appealed to the people to protest peacefully.Photo: Screenshot via Youtube

A week after the death of George Floyd and his younger brother visited the place where George Floyd, 46 years old, got no more air and died – killed by a white policeman. Terrence Floyd travelled from Brooklyn, New York, to Minneapolis, to in front of the local supermarket for a vigil for George Floyd to hold. “I wanted to feel the spirit of my brother,” said Terrence Floyd in a television interview. “I wanted to connect with him again.”

the record to see how Terrence Floyd is accompanied by the crowd in Minneapolis. He has difficulty walking. Everywhere there are flowers lying on the ground. Heart balloons floating over the Asphalt, Protesters hold signs: “Black Lives Matter”. “Black lives count” is the Slogan of the international movement against racism and violence against Black and People of color.

Floyd kneel, pray, remains for minutes, motionless. On his respirator mask, the face of his brother, is shown. Then Floyd gets up, followed by cameras and the Gaze of those present.

Floyd is addressed to the people: “I understand that you’re angry. I’m still more than you.” Since the death of his brother, the initially peaceful protests against the prevalent racism have escalated in many towns and cities of the United States again and again. In Minneapolis shops were destroyed and looted, a police station set on fire. Floyd says he isn’t here to make things, and farming. “What are you doing? You are doing nothing!”

vandalism and violence would not bring his brother back, says Floyd. “If your things are destroyed, it will not move the people. There are our things we do is broken. You want us to destroy ourselves.”

” – We are many!”

Floyd urges, to channel the anger and to find another way to bring about change. “Stop thinking, your voice counts nothing,” he says. Floyd appealed to the people to vote. To know whom to choose. To think for yourself. To inform yourself. And the battle-considered and lead peacefully. In this way they could strike back, says Floyd. “We are many!”

“Amen!”, someone calls from the crowd. Terrence Floyd is gasping for breath. For a Moment, its vibration is visible. Then his voice again, and his words are clear again. He asks those present to recall the name of his brother. You can do it, again and again.

In the name of his brother, speaks Terrence Floyd in Public. George Floyd had the nickname “gentle giant,” said Terrence Floyd later in a television interview. The Friendly Giant. He was a peaceful man, and have sought the agreement. “He hadn’t wanted this violence,” said Terrence Floyd.

That police officer, George Floyd had not pushed the knee in the neck, to this lived, is now accused of. The autopsy, which had given Floyd’s family in order, confirmed his death by suffocation. The finding contradicts the findings on which the authority is appointed was Last week, it was said, possible drugs in Floyd’s blood, and pre-existing conditions were for the death responsible.

Three other police officers during the fact, not steps, are free. Floyd’s family wishes that they should be held accountable. For the “long road to justice” need you now, a lot of power. Only with the justice of the peace to come.

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