Many Corona-contagions – Jewish Zurich school is closed for the time being because of too many Corona-cases of classroom teaching in a Jewish school.

The Jewish boys ‘ school Mosdos Tiferes Doniel in Zürich Wiedikon will remain closed. This Tuesday was supposed to begin for some students in the classroom today. “We have everything prepared, the necessary safety distances,” says rector Sandro Schol in the TA request.

Now it came differently. Prior to the start of School, the school management had decided to test those students who have been in contact with Corona-patients. Thus, it has been found that about ten per cent, on the last Thursday of the tested children were positive, such as the Jewish week newspaper, “Tachles” reported. “We were surprised,” says Schol. However, it would result in public schools are probably similar, if the students would systematically tested, says the rector. Together with the Rabbinate, it was decided that the start of School is postponed for a further one to two weeks.

The children now as in the past, distance learning. In view of the development, according to “Tachles”, Doctors would increasingly be the children of the char Jewish population to test the ultra – Orthodox Jews in Zurich.