The public prosecutor’s office of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) demands severe penalties for STVV and Genk, as a result of the discontinued Limburg stadium on the 28th of september. The two clubs are at risk of a match behind closed doors, with a deduction of two points, and the maximum fine of 5,000 euros. Learned that the news agency Belga.

YOU CAN READ AS WELL. Limburgse derby. early cessation: STVV-fans-throw-Genk-champions league-with a lighter, Genk-fans are likely to field by storm.

you can READ as WELL. This is the (possible) consequences of the riots at the Limburg derby.

in Addition, ask bondsprocureur William Wagner to play for STVV-Genk, people can start to play from the first minute. That is a replay behind closed doors, it is possible to distinguish on the claim. In other words, STVV and Genk in the risk of two these people to work with. The complaints board of Appeal deals as of October 18, the penalties to be applied. At this statement, it is only a right of appeal to the Belgian Court of arbitration for Sport (BAS).


The Limburg derby was in the final stage, suspended in a 3-3 position due to misconduct on the part of both the supporterclans. After the STVV fans of all sorts of objects were thrown on to Genk in his Coucke, the players will be on the hour, a quarter of an hour to go inside. This is the current situation at the time was 0-3. After the restart of the race, found to STVV pauses for a moment, and then came back to 3-3. Then went to the Genk supporters out of their book and did the referee Lawrence, a Fisherman in the game early off. The police said that the security will not be guaranteed to go through.

in Parallel with the disciplinary proceedings were initiated in the Pro-League, the in-house procedure, so there are two teams, along with a fee of 50.000 euro to the top of the head. It is not yet clear whether that amount of money to be paid by the first division soccer team KRC Genk, or that the STVV is the half you have to pay. The final strike of the area, the derby is based on a division of responsibilities. At the next board meeting of the board of directors of the Pro League, will make the decision this fall.

the Damages

pending the outcome of the various proceedings at maastricht, the rivals will be decided by the Pro League, that a first division soccer team KRC Genk, and the damage to the fans, last season’s unjust, on the field of STVV will need to pay for it. When the cast of Genk fans of times, and further Stayen, and that caused the burn marks. It was the visiting supporters, on the 28th of september, behind the plexi glass put in. The Pro League is committed to the national champions with an indemnity of € 25,000, over to the bridge. (the eu position).

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