Polnareff, Sardou… Why are the Michels back on stage in 2023?


Will 2023 be a happy year for all the Michels? On the music side, it will sign the great return of Michel Polnareff on the music scene. Before that, the famous artist in white glasses is preparing to publish this November 18 Polnareff sings Polnareff, a new disc where he revisits his many successes on the piano-voice.

Four years after his last opus, Michel Polnareff has chosen to surprise his fans by offering them this new orchestration. “We are going to do the piano-voice”, revealed the septuagenarian exiled to the United States this month for RTL. “It’s going to be a different experience because when you come in with a rhythm, it carries you. To go there alone, it changes the data a bit”.

According to information released by music journalist Steven Bellery, the interpreter of Goodbye Marylou will also go back on stage for a series of concerts in 2023. “I hope it will not go too fast and that I will not become a micro- waves”, he had fun at the microphone of our colleague, adding. “The show should be divided into two: a first part will be in piano-voice, a second with musicians”.

A musical tour through the Zénith which will begin on May 24 before ending on July 8, 2023, from France to Switzerland by crossing Belgium. For fans of Michel Polnareff, you can admire the artist on a central stage , from its first date in May at the Palais Nikaia in Nice. Before continuing at the Zénith de Nantes on May 30 and in Poitiers on May 31. The artist will then perform on June 1 in Orléans, June 3 in Saint-Etienne, June 5 in Dijon, June 9 in Brest, June 10 in Rouen, June 11 in Amiens, June 15 in Reims, the June 17 in Amnéville, June 18 in Strasbourg, June 22 in Bordeaux, June 23 in Toulouse or even June 24 in Clermont-Ferrand, indicates our colleagues.

Finally, Michel Polnareff will be in Douai on July 1 before performing at the Accor Arena in Paris on July 2, 2023. To end this chapter in style, the star will be one of the headliners of the Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon (June 16) and the Festival de Nîmes on July 8. A tour synonymous with the singer’s last encore? This leaves room for doubt. “It may be my last tour, but I think about it on every tour, since the first!” Recognizes the one who suffered a pulmonary embolism after his last tour in 2016. But, for another Michel , it will be time to say goodbye.

For Michel Sardou, the year 2023 will sound the hour of farewell to his public. However, the artist already swore that he went on stage for the last time in 2017. “I do not say goodbye to come back three years later. When I say things, I do them”, he conceded in Le Parisien .

Finally, it is his wife Anne-Marie Périer who will change the singer’s mind on their return from a performance of the show I’m going to love you (inspired by his greatest hits) which seduces his fans. “I told her when I got home and she ended up persuading me. Anyway, she was threatening to leave me and go back to her brother… She blackmailed me!” he joked .

For his ultimate singing tour, Michel Sardou revealed this month on his social networks the poster for his tour I remember a goodbye, his name written in large red letters above his shadow, a spotlight aimed behind him on stage. An event that will take place between France, Switzerland and Belgium from October 3, 2023, including a visit to La Défense Arena on March 14. “The concert at Paris La Défense Arena will be on the central stage with chairs around, as I had done at Bercy. I did not see myself singing with large screens”, he slipped to our colleagues.

While the ticket office opened on November 14 at 10 a.m., it’s a rush at the points of sale. According to the regional daily Nice-Matin, the septuagenarian has already “sold nearly 100,000 concert tickets in 8 hours” for his performances in Nice and Toulon. Among the thirty dates announced, Michel Sardou will also be visiting Lille (October 17 and 18), Nantes (November 14 and 15, 2023) or Strasbourg (November 22) and Toulouse (November 28, 2023). But, another Michel will also be part of the party in France.

For Michel Jonasz, success always seems to be there. Since the release of his latest studio album La Méouge, le Rhône, La Durance in 2019, the French singer has been traveling the roads of France to meet his audience. If the septuagenarian closes the end of the year with a series of concerts in piano-voice with the musician Jean-Yves d’Angelo, he intends to change register for 2023.

As indicated on his official website, Michel Jonasz will begin a new series of 14 concerts as part of his Du blues, du blues! With a first performance in Courbevoie (92) on January 28, 2023, the interpreter of The jazz box will perform between Tours, Béziers, Toulouse and Annecy in February 2023, from Rennes to Caen by traveling through La Baule, Aix-en-Provence , Dijon and Lyon in the spring without forgetting a visit to the Palais des Sports in Paris, on March 25, 2023.

Finally, Michel Jonasz will travel to Clermont-Ferrand on April 7, 2023 and on April 12 to Lille at the Sébastopol Theater. Or on November 23, 2023 at the Zénith de Rouen, as indicated on the Instagram post below. Still according to the site, new dates will be announced soon. Here are already some gift ideas that should delight fans of these famous Michels!