Paying for your license can sometimes seem like an unprofitable investment. In recent times, multiple factors have caused a significant increase in fuel prices. French motorists have therefore witnessed a further decline in their purchasing power, in addition to generalized inflation.

Faced with this, the government has set up an exceptional discount at the pump. Originally, this amounted to 30 cents per litre. Only, all good things must come to an end and this amount has been reduced by two thirds since November 16, 2022.

Similarly, TotalEnergies offered in its stations a reduction of 20 centimes which, on the same date, was reduced to 10 centimes per litre, like government aid. Thus, the price of fuels has risen again.

As revealed by figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition released on Monday, November 21, in one week, the national average price at which diesel was sold increased by 10.39 euro cents.

On the gasoline side, the situation is similar since unleaded 95-E10 increased by 13.40 cents over the same period. For unleaded 95, this was more moderate since it amounted to 9.73 cents.

The drop in fuel discounts has therefore led to an overall price increase, even if this remains moderate. But prices could well rise again in a few weeks. Because on December 31, the discounts of 10 cents per liter provided by the State and by Total will end definitively.

Discover in our slideshow the cheapest stations for each type of fuel according to the information revealed by our colleagues from Telegram, this Wednesday, November 23, 2022.