Have you thought about declaring your income? Do not panic, you have until the end of May or the beginning of June – depending on your department of residence – to do so. So there’s no rush, but don’t do it at the last minute, because some steps take a bit of time if they want to be done properly.

If you complete the paper document, you have until May 22 to be in good standing with the tax authorities and to have sent your sheet, the La Poste document being authentic. If you opt for the online tax return, here are the dates to respect.

Some taxpayers benefit from the automatic declaration of income and therefore only have to check the boxes already checked and the information pre-filled. You can benefit from it if you have not declared any new types of income in 2022 and you have not changed your tax household (excluding the birth or adoption of a child).

Anyone who does not benefit from automatic declaration must declare their income to the tax authorities, under penalty of a heavy fine. While some come out almost with their eyes closed, others sometimes encounter difficulties with these procedures. By going to your personal space on the tax site, you will find that four steps are necessary to complete your declaration. Want to see it more clearly? Planet guides you through each step.

The first step in your tax return concerns changes in circumstances. The tax authorities want to know if, during the year 2022:

If nothing has changed in your situation, then you just have to click on “no” and the step is finished. If you are concerned by one of these situations, then you must click on yes and specify the event in question. Marriage, birth or – unfortunately – death? The tax authorities must know, in order to adapt your rate accordingly.

This page is really not complicated to fill out, since it is simply a question of indicating all of your personal information, which is as follows:

Please note, it is during this step that you must specify to the tax authorities if you are the owner of an apartment, the tenant, the roommate or if you are staying there free of charge. If you have moved in the last few months, you must specify it at this time of the tax return. Nothing complicated so far. It is later that things can get tougher, with the step that concerns your income.

It is during the third step of your declaration that you must enter your income and expenses, those which entitle you to reductions or tax credits. Here are the different incomes to be entered:

If you are looking for a particular box, you can enter its number or title directly, for example for donations or childcare.

Once your tax return has been completed, the tax authorities will provide you with a summary of it in step four. You will then have to read it again carefully, then affix your signature using the “sign your declaration” button. Don’t panic, if you forgot something, you can always go back until the tax return period is over.

As the tax site explains, “you can correct your declaration online after receiving your tax notice following the declaration filed and signed before the filing deadline”. You can make these changes from August 2 to December 7, 2023.