Traffic jams, honking, shouting… Residents living near service stations suffer shortages right to their homes. In many cities, gas pumps are often located on residential streets, which is very convenient for residents, except in times of shortage. For the past few days, they have had the bad surprise of having to do a new type of nuisance: honking day and night, motorists insulting each other, monster traffic jams… All this because of the rush black gold.

Joëlle, a 67-year-old retiree, lives in a busy but quiet street in the Parisian suburbs, opposite a supermarket. The latter has a gas station and displays attractive prices, which normally attracts people, but she has never seen the queue at the pump… Until last week. On Wednesday, as she was driving home, she took 40 minutes to cover the 200 meters that separate the start of her street from her parking lot. A monster traffic jam to access the gas station prevented any vehicle from advancing on this one-way street, including those who simply wanted to go home.

The situation did not improve until late in the afternoon, when the gas station was dry. She had a few days of peace during the supply of the establishment, which was a little delayed, but she knows that “this circus” will start again as soon as the fuel is back.

This bad experience, Titouan also experienced it last week in his town of Val-de-Marne. A monster traffic jam had created in the small street of this young worker, “because of the Intermarché gas station a few tens of meters from my house”. “The whole main avenue was blocked because of this since the beginning of the afternoon,” he told Planet. Problem, this situation continued until the evening and “the horn was honking, it was shouting in the streets” until midnight… And the fuel pumps ran out of fuel.

The next day, when the service station was back in stock, Titouan’s bad experience started again. This time, “the police came to do some traffic, even though they weren’t there the day before. They made the cars line up in a dead end, so it was much better for we”. If, since this incident, traffic jams are rare in his street, Titouan knows that the situation could degenerate the next time the gas station is put back into service.