Shortage of fuel: 5 tips for finding it without paying too much


Today in your new episode of “In Search of Black Gold”… The soap opera devoted to fuel shortages is far from over in France. The strike is renewed at TotalEnergies despite pressure from the government this Tuesday morning, by the voices of Transport Minister Clément Beaune and spokesman Olivier Véran. The calls for conciliation therefore did not have the desired effect on the side of the striking employees in the refineries.

The Normandy refinery, the fuel depot in Flanders (Dunkirk) and the “bio-refinery” in La Mède (Bouche-du-Rhône), will therefore remain blocked by this movement. The service stations of the Argedis network, a subsidiary of TotalEnergies, have also announced that they are joining the movement. On the Esso side, the two refineries have also chosen to renew the strike. The agreement signed Monday by other unions did not concern refineries…

The discontent that has been heard for several days in the population is starting to grow, especially among professionals who need their vehicle to work. They are not the only ones to be impacted in their daily lives by these shortages: for example, school bus lines are at a standstill in several regions and hospitals are asking for a white plan to be triggered, because some professionals can no longer come to work…

After long hours of waiting or turning around, some motorists still manage to fill up. You don’t want to leave home “for nothing” and return empty-handed? Thanks to these very simple tips, you will find fuel more easily in the coming days.