Linky counter: the new scam to be wary of


Whether for good or bad, the Linky counter is regularly talked about. This time, it is not Enedis who is at the heart of the controversy but some ill-intentioned people. Indeed, the electric meter is at the center of a new door-to-door scam.

As UFC-Que Choisir reveals, this scam was mainly spotted in the town of Saint-Brieuc in the CĂ´tes-d’Armor. The town hall had to react by publishing a press release on social networks to alert city dwellers.

This new door-to-door scam works like many others. A person rings the doorbell claiming to be a technician who has come for a mandatory Linky meter update.

One of their purposes is, of course, theft. They take advantage of this visit to their victims to steal valuables or locate the premises with the aim of planning a future burglary.

However, this is not the only objective of these so-called technicians who are in reality very often canvassers. Even if they don’t say so, they may be subcontractors to a competing gas or electric company. They then take advantage of this visit to have their target sign a new contract without informing the signatory.

It is therefore better to remain cautious in the face of canvassers who can sometimes be ill-intentioned and reserve a few surprises for their guests. To avoid any risk, it is important not to let strangers into your home unless they are clearly identified.