Covid-19: where could wearing a mask become compulsory again?


The eighth wave of Covid-19 continues to sweep through France. According to figures from the National Public Health Agency, nearly 60,000 new cases were recorded for the single day of October 25, 2022.

If they are down, the indicators, especially hospital ones, are still worrying. As of October 21, the organization reported more than 6,000 hospitalizations, 552 critical care admissions and 437 deaths over the past seven days.

Curfew, travel restrictions, confinement, health pass and then vaccination pass… The government has used a whole range of measures to stem the various epidemic waves.

In a report published Monday, October 24, the Covars, successor to the Scientific Council, shared several recommendations to the executive to roll back the virus. Among them, the return of a well-known restriction in France: the wearing of a compulsory mask in closed places.

“Communication on the wearing of masks must be reinforced, incentive, simple, clear and repeated. Putting a mask in transport, in closed and poorly ventilated places where there are people is a gesture of solidarity for the most fragile”, have hammered the specialists.

In addition, the members of the committee agreed on the need to maintain the obligation to wear a mask in healthcare structures.

What are these “enclosed places” where this piece of fabric could again cover our chin, our nose and our mouth? In the slideshow below, Planet recaps where masks were still mandatory a few months ago.