credit rating Agency Fitch, the Belgian rating affirmed at ‘AA -’ with a stable outlook. Fitch warned, however, the risk of a “no-deal “brexit” for the Belgian economy.

The agency also points to the difficult political situation in the country, but it is expected that in the next few weeks may be agreed on by the federal government to get off the bus you can get. But even with the possibility of re-election can’t be ruled out, writes the rating agency. This is likely to be a broad-based coalition can be formed. “That may be the options to make substantial changes on the economic and fiscal limits”.

Fitch maintains its outlook for Belgium to be stable, which means that the rating agency did not immediately based on developments that may lead to changes of credit rating.

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for More on Fitch’s 200-billion-euro profit in one year’s time for the most profitable company in the world, Fitch maintains a credit rating of Belgium to AA-with a negative prospect that the credit rating Agencies to ignore the risks of climate change in Fitch lowers credit ratings of France