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the Manneken Pis statue is a must, and a bottom portion of the Brussels-based Monopoly game box, which from next week will be in the shops. The owner of Monopoly, Hasbro inc., did not design the box, the Brussels-based edition. “Well, we used to say that he is a cultural heritage site and famous all over the world”, says the Belgian editors of the special issue.

the Group of 24, a company based in Bruges, and has a licensing agreement with the American company Hasbro. They were all in a liberty of Bruges, and Antwerp’s Monopoly, and this week, it was the Ghent edition is presented. Next week in Brussels at the turn. In the box there are three Brussels-based icons, the Atomium, the royal palace, and Manneken Pis statue. But it was so censored. No exposed private parts, was, in the opinion of the Decision. Also, a picture of the world-famous statue(of you).

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“many of Them are severe,” says Cedric Libbrecht, who are the Belgium special issues was developed. In Ghent, we wanted to create, for example, the well-known Monopoly game, jail is replaced by in the local Nieuwewandeling. But it was not. In the corners, and you have the right to not be coming at all. Otherwise, it would be a game of identity and loss. Also, with the money, we are not allowed to come. Adjusting to the euro, is strictly prohibited. In each box, whether they be Star Wars, or in Brussels, on the theme, it has a Monopoly-money in the bank.”

local developers are allowed to play with blocks and other buildings. “And the chance cards. Since we put a lot of jokes in between. In Ghent you have to, for example, to pay the penalty if you choose to become involved in the Neuzekesoorlog. And, of course, takes a tour on the Ghent festival, or during, the six days of funding.”
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