Alain Chabat: who is his discreet companion Tiara Comte?


The famous actor and director Alain Chabat is the father of three children: Lucie, Louise and Max, born respectively in 1986, 1988 and 1993. Children from his relationship with his ex-wife whose identity we do not know.

Very discreet about his private life, the director of Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra nevertheless confided in his seductive side in the columns of Psychologies magazine in 2017. “I became interested in girls quite late. As a teenager, I was afraid of them, I was making movies of myself. And when I realized that they were nice, I was reassured, and then, it’s not a boast, it worked well. I didn’t I didn’t miss during the war,” he explained.

During his life, the actor had several experiences, as he explained in the rest of the interview. “To move from one stage of life to another, you have to tick boxes. There you go, I checked the teenage box. Then, the life of a single man box”, he said and continued: “J I was with six women at the same time, checked. One woman per evening, very well checked. Nothing at all for six months, also done. Afterwards, it’s a little calmer to move forward. We can move on” .

Since then, Alain Chabat would have found love in the arms of an actress of Finnish origin named Tiara Comte, reports Purepeople. The latter had made a rare appearance as a columnist in the program Bonsissers d’Europe. Planet invites you to discover it in our slideshow.