Recently there was in the house journal of McKinsey tips for better self-marketing. How to sell in the profession of his own ideas better? That is interesting to many, for the question, there are already a few shelves of self-help literature. But in the case of the above-mentioned source, we can continue in terms of self-marketing is also enough expertise to advance – especially since the company has committed to consulting for a fee, a London-based scientist as the author. So read value.

Tillmann Neuscheler

editor in the economy.

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the Tenor of the Whole: ideas should always be in beautiful stories Packed in order to make attention – the decisive factor is the right “Framing”. That’s not particularly original, but it smells already. Fast a reading is clear: to be Honest won’t get far. In the contribution there is a whole series of typical blunders are listed. To say, for example, simply be honest, to have anything Good discovered.

a beginner’s mistake! The professional pulls on something different. Never the randomness of highlight, but to have one’s own wisdom, the Potential of the surprising discovery immediately recognized. Not everyone can do. We would have kept Penicillin, presumably for disgusting mold. In consultant-poetry, it reads as the story of a wave tab: “Position yourself as a Surf expert, who has caught the wave at exactly the right time”. Extra points it gives, because it is highlighting its competence for the future. When the Wind changes its direction, here we are again with.