the turning point did not want to classify Jonas Wohlfarth-Botter man the sixth victory of the Season, the Fraport Skyliners against Oldenburg (75:74). “We have to fight now step out.” The Center of Frankfurt’s volleyball-Bundesliga club, which is one of the pioneers in the team, is aware of the fact that the Table the fourteenth (12:18 points) in the coming months, a special test of endurance. 19 games in the main round, and the Hesse should win twelve, in order to have a realistic Chance of the Play-off will have to enter. In view of the previous performance of the pure wishful thinking. But since Sunday, and the surprise success on the rank of the second is the reality after the previous eight-game unbeaten defeats successively more bearable. If the first impression does not deceive, have the last two build-up player Tyler Larson and Tra Holder undertook to raise the Potential of the team to a much better level.

A loss of the ball after 20 minutes against Oldenburg, a total of eight after 40 minutes: Larson (9 points) and Holder (11) can control the Ball much better than their predecessors at the Position. The new chief as a Point Guard, Larson, radiates not only the sovereignty, he is also hands-on and versatile. The Americans created his throws or be distributed to smart templates. His compatriot Holder, whose sphere of activity was in Position two, strengthened with his agility and Overview of the Interaction of the newly stocked Skyliners.

“We have no championship

For Elijah Clarance, this means that he must step down. won” The 20-year-old Swedish Talent against Oldenburg would get playing time, he could never have-class in the second club team in the third are used Per B. “For his development, but it is better to play there,” said coach Gordon Herbert. The Skyliners are able to bind to the end of March a new player for your League team. Whether it is a further build-up the players – maybe the injured Trae Bell-Haynes or Jason Clark will leave the Hessen – will be or a winger, you want to leave with this decision, the Frankfurt time. “It depends on how the team is now performed,” said Herbert.