as a Writer/opiniemaakster Dalilla Herman (33), you don’t ever want to see, and hear on the VRT. They have also announced that in a video on her Instagramaccount. “Never has anyone from the VRT is to me, seriously has been taken. I have a lack of respect way. If they give me a ridiculous opinion.” The VRT is to hear it in Cologne, and fall.

It is Dalilla Herman’s apparent height. On Friday, at twelve o’clock, she took it in her garage for a long, long video in which she promptly posted on Instagram. That is, they did it with the VRT. That it was not a program that you want to hear it or see it, except for on the Teen.

The exact reason for her decision to leave in the middle of it. Not only will they find that it’s the same program, with the appointment and the fashion fair, and the guests, , in which they are to be seen as a praatgast, its not appreciated. “Who are the editors < / I> fucked-me-up. , ” she said in a strange mixture of Dutch and English. “I can’t give you a list of infinite, a heavy disrespect . I’ve had so many people, and of ideas handed to us, but never have I had a thank-you note for it. It’s just ridiculous. I have a feeling that I have is ridiculous to be found. I’m not here to say ” but ” VRT < / I> screwed me up. I am now 33 years old and have three children. I don’t have that kind of shit is not to be picked up.”

What exactly had happened, ” says Dalilla Herman there is not one of them. “The people who are involved, know, why,” she said. “That’s vague, I know. But I’m not allowed to do so.” Also, the phone will Herman do not go into the whys and wherefores of her decision. “I don’t want a debate to start. I’ve said what I have to say. The people involved will know what to do.” For the rest, if they want, no comments will be lost.

“what’s this all about?”

In the VRT itself, nobody has a clear idea of what Dalilla Herman’s mean, ” says spokesperson Lesley Hernalsteen. “We have been internally surveyed for the programme makers, who, with mrs. Herman have worked together before. They will all fall out of the sky.”

In the original version of the Bd, it is just the same to hear from you. “What’s this all about? It’s been a long time since Dalilla Herman’s yet to be a guest in one of our programs. That was really to make the point that it is very difficult for her to get into it. It had to be through the manager, and it would often take a very long time. But really and truly, hand on heart, there has never been a major incident had been. We are open to have a conversation with her, but we need to know what to do.”

Lots of comments

on Sunday, you know Herman’s own in a message on Instagram. “A big thank you to everyone for the comments and the messages. And the worst part is the fact that nine out of ten responses were < / I> I all and have I seen .” Herman also wants to stress that “there is, however, a lot of people’s heart is in the right place on the public broadcaster’s work”. “I hope that in the future, it will prove that I am wrong.”

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