Corona-Star, the SPD, The comrade with the FüllhornVor half a year, Olaf Scholz, said his party was humiliated. Now the Vice-Chancellor is behind Angela Merkel is the most popular politician in Germany. What now for the SPD?Dominique Eigenmann from Berlin0 comment hundreds of billions and dozens of laws against the Corona-pandemic: The German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD).Photo: REUTERS

Olaf Scholz, in normal times, a bone-dry politician, reaches for the “Bazooka” to resolve with billions of the damage caused by the Coronavirus. He’s throwing with money to come up with “oomph” out of the crisis. And Germany, of this otherwise economical country, to cheer the social Democrats.

In an ARD survey of the Minister of Finance had just become a most valued politicians behind Angela Merkel. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper” dedicated to him a glowing portrait that pursues the Thesis that Scholz had thought, in fact, always been the way he was acting today.

And now candidate for Chancellor?

In the “time” was the 61-Year-old because of him and Merkel allowed the debt Fund of the EU in a series of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. In the “mirror” he mused about the sociologists Max Weber and Charisma in politics, and also the missing. His friends already call on the SPD to nominate him after the summer break to the Chancellor candidates for the Bundestag election in 2021.

you Think back a few months, is Scholz’s height flight is nothing less than a resurrection from the dead. At the end of November, the SPD members had him humiliated on an almost top-of-the politician in front of him. To elect in the place of the Vice-Chancellor to the party leader, they chose the little-known Saskia esque and Norbert Walter-Borjans. “Just not Scholz!” prevailed. Many would have given up then, but not by Scholz. He gritted his teeth and reigned on.

was returned in A professional, but not a left

Since the longtime mayor of 2018, from Hamburg to Berlin, he pursued with determination a Plan: first, with a good government job to convince you, and then continue to develop advanced social-democratic program for 2021, Chancellor candidate of the SPD, and finally, Chancellor. Who answered him, for a 15-percent-party, the ultimate goal was unattainable, it was taught: The first choice after the departure of Chancellor Merkel was much more open than everyone thought.

The former young socialist, Scholz, a pragmatic professional who always looks for compromises, was in the party, always less popular than in the people. In Hamburg, he knew that absolute majorities behind, the left wing of the SPD, however, makes him to this day for the neo-liberal “sin cases” of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder responsible. Scholz defends him to this day.

Prior to the pandemic, the Minister of Finance, for the Left was a “red rag”. While Walter-Borjans, and esque billions in investments and higher demanded social services, sass Scholz on the money, as before him, the Christian Democrat Wolfgang Schäuble, the Keeper of the “black Zero”. The Corona-crisis made out of the Treasurer with the narrowed lips, the Enjoyed with cornucopia – from which billions were sputtering out.

in Order to save the company, put a giant protective shield. In order to enable solidarity in Europe, he allowed the EU’s own liabilities. In order to boost consumption, he lowered the VAT. The Enjoyed the heart in the body hopped. And to emphasize Scholz never be forgotten that all this was only possible because he had previously performed so reasonable.

At the top, but with little influence: Saskia esque and Norbert Walter-Borjans, after your election as SPD Chairman in November 2019.Photo: Reuters

the crisis Manager of the Moment Is now the logical candidate for Chancellor of the SPD for 2021? From the point of view of the party that is considerably less clear than it seems in the Public. It is certain that the SPD would like to designate their candidate, this time faster than in 2017 and 2013, as Martin Schulz and Peer Steinbrück at the beginning of the election year, births, respectively, such as Fall over their party had come.

program or Person? Middle or left?

The new chief, Walter-Borjans, and esque have led the SPD in the last few months to the left and aim open on a left-left-green majority after the election: the SPD should be just in front of the Green, to the Registrar. For a pronounced left, fresh campaign, but the technocratic large koalitionär Scholz would be pretty sure the wrong candidate. A good Alternative to the left wing has not, however, offer to.

the SPD is in front of it, to repeat another of their traditional error: 2013 and 2017 submitted to the unpopular party chief Sigmar Gabriel, the candidacy of each of more popular candidates. Especially the former Finance Minister, peer Steinbrück, he missed, but such a left programme, that this tone in the election campaign how his own denial. That program and the Person are not fit together, could now flourish Scholz – at least if the left party leadership to explain, in fact, by wrestling him to the candidate.

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