Increase in may – Yet more unemployed, especially in the hospitality gewerbedie unemployment rate continues to rise, but only moderately. Depending on the industry you are nevertheless a 10 per cent.Ivan Städler0 comments concerning the rhyme of hospitality are already 10 per cent without employment.Photo: Reto Oeschger

mountain Railways, cinemas, Restaurants, The various relaxations of the Corona-protection measures allow for a slow return to normality. In the unemployment statistics, this is not reflected yet. On The Contrary. The number of unemployed has risen again. By the end of may, the state counts the Secretariat for economy of around 156’000 unemployed. The 55’000 more than a year ago, respectively, 38’000 more than at the beginning of the Corona-crisis.

the many of the short-time work are not even counted. Because of the unemployment statistics only on those flows that have no jobs. All the industries considered, the unemployment rate is now 3.4 percent. In front of the Corona-crisis, there were still 2.5 percent at the end of April to 3.3 percent. The rate is expected to rise in the next few months. Because many of the Terminated the notice period is still running. You can refer to so still no working loose of funds and will not appear so in the statistics.

watches and building a strong

The most brutal, it hits the hospitality industry. Here are the unemployment even before the outbreak of the Virus is particularly high at 5.2%. Meanwhile, the rate is 10 percent, you have doubled almost. Thus, about 18’000 people are alone in this sector without work. Also the watch industry and the construction industry complain with a rate of 6.8, respectively, 5.5 per cent, especially many of the unemployed. In construction, the unemployment rate declined in may, however.

Typically, the unemployment rate in the spring months, decreases in all industries. These effects fade this year, however, in comparison to the Corona of a shock.

West of Switzerland and the Grisons suffering

The crisis is not affecting all regions equally. The most violent she caught the Grisons the Canton. There, the unemployment rate has since the end of February nearly tripled – from 1.2 to 3.3 percent. Significantly, it is increased also in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud and Valais.

In the West of Switzerland, the unemployment rate is particularly high – the highest in Geneva, with 5.2 percent. In Appenzell Innerrhoden, however, the Corona of the crisis appears – at least on the labour market – hardly any damage. Only 1.2 percent are unemployed – the same number as in February prior to the corona of a crisis.

And here is our interactive Sign long-please time comparison of all the cantons, ages and nationalities:

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