A Spanish toreador is fighting for his life after being gored by a bull. “It’s a miracle that he’s still alive,” said the family members of Mariano De la Vina (57).

the De la Vina has taken part in a fair in Zaragoza, as it is completely failed. The bull pushed him over, spietste him, and lifted him from the ground and carries it through the building. During that period, the 57-year-old Spaniard with three of heart attacks.

After his death, the bull is on him again, causing him a wound, from 27 inches to the groin and a 22-centimeter in a very sensitive place on his rear. Are dijbeenslagader and artery have been pierced.

He was taken to the hospital after a surgery fighting for his life. According to the doctors, it looks good, feels good and seems to be the condition will slowly stabilize. They are optimistic that everything will be ok. “We saved his life, but his condition remains serious”, said Carlos Val Carreres, hoofdchirurg of the hospital.

His family and friends, calling it a “miracle” he is still alive.

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