DFB-Pokal – Three months of arrest – is now the biggest game of the GeschichteDie season of the 1. FC Saarbrücken is a long time to end. But tonight the giants terrible against Leverkusen in the German Cup semi-final. Moritz Marthaler0 comment cheers – then the end of ecstasy was: at the beginning of March in Saarbrücken wins in the Cup against Düsseldorf, days later, the football is because Corona still. Video: Twitter

The Tuesday would be a day. On days like this, so already knew a Poet on stage and in the Terraces, everything is possible, and all are. Everything is possible for FC Saarbrücken in fact. Only, no one is going to be almost. The semi-final in the Cup against Bayer Leverkusen for the club in the southwest of the French border, the biggest game of the recent history and prior to the corona due to the empty ranks, it is also the saddest the biggest game in recent history.

Saarbrücken was once a big name in the German football, as a founding member of the Bundesliga, as the constant companion of the Association landscape in the two highest classes. Still in 1977, an amazingly strong Team sent to the FC Bayern with 6:1 home, led by a certain Felix Magath. Thousands of Frenchmen came over the border to Play first-class football was in the Region of a exclusive matter.

This a long time ago. After the last Bundesliga relegation in 1993, Saarbrücken disappeared noticeably from the national football map. Top Of League, Regional League, Fifth-Class Citizens. The Club slipped into the Amateur area.

In the Saarland, before the Corona-time: goalkeeper Daniel Batz (in Green) is celebrated as a penalty killer.Photo: Alex Grimm/

In the current season FC Saarbrücken on suddenly emerged as a giant killer again. As a fourth-tier, he eliminated the second division Regensburg, the Bundesliga club Cologne and the second division side Karlsruhe. At the beginning of March in Saarbrücken suffered in a crazy quarter-final against Bundesliga side Dusseldorf shortly before the end of the balance, was but then in the penalty shootout. Goalkeeper Daniel Batz held four Attempts, was celebrated by 7000 Fans in the small stadium. Saarbrücken in the semi-final, as the first fourth-tier in 85 years of Cup history.

Then the Corona came for the giant killer to be a bugbear. The fourth League paused, was leagues, in contrast to the professional, up to today, not kicked off. Saarbrücken as a table leader was declared to be a climber. But football has not played the still Amateur-kickers provided with the team for over three months. And, as before, to play in the neighboring town of Völklingen, because the home stadium of Ludwig Park is still being rebuilt always. There are better preparations for a comparison with Bayer Leverkusen.

in Switzerland, the “Saarbrücken-Problem”

such fate threatens also to the Cup of the surprise teams of Switzerland is imminent. FC Bavois and Rapperswil-Jona from the Promotion League offers since October to the quite sensational quarter-final against Winterthur and Sion. The whole back round was focused on the big game, Rapperswil traveled even stated in an additional training camp, as head of sports, Stefan Flühmann recently compared to SRF. Because of the Corona break the Cup will be made up games now at the beginning of August. Because in the Promotion League, the season is already cancelled, will have been waiting for the player at the time, nine months to the next serious fight. Anything other than ideal.

But what matters, finally, is the use. In Saarbrücken was rescheduled for Tuesday evening, especially the police an hour from 23 PM, around one hour back at midnight. And around the city, a whole Region is looking forward to the big game. The Saarland is in Germany, which in Switzerland usually the lake has to serve the General valid size comparison. And so one can measure, for once, fairly accurately, how big is the euphoria around the game: at Least as large as the Saarland.

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