No product seems to be able to escape inflation. For several months now, prices have been increasing in all areas throughout France. War in Ukraine, drought or speculation, the factors behind this inflation are multiple. Stock shortages or even shortages have become a reality and some everyday products have disappeared from the shelves.

Water is not spared by such a phenomenon. In June 2022, the Cristaline brand, famous for its affordable prices, had to increase its pack of 6 bottles of 1.5 liters by 10 cents. “The sharp rise in transport and energy costs, and the soaring prices of raw materials, in particular PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) have forced Cristaline to review its selling price”, had then justified Sources Alma, the the group’s parent company.

Today, it is other brands, also very popular, which may be particularly difficult to find in some supermarkets. Indeed, as FranceInfo reports, the water department of a brand has recently become emptier and customers can no longer obtain mineral water from brands belonging to the Danone group.

Indeed, the prices of these products have recently increased sharply and a famous French supermarket chain has decided to remove them from their shelves, in order to protect the purchasing power of their customer.

Discover in our slideshow the name of the brand concerned as well as the list of brands that will be difficult to find in these stores.