Emmanuel Macron: his “incognito” outfit that shocks before the funeral of Elizabeth II


President Emmanuel Macron and the First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron traveled to London on September 18, 2022, to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. She passed away at the age of 96 on Thursday September 8, 2022.

Before going to the Palace of Westminster, where the coffin of the late regent is located, the Head of State wanted to “gauge the mood” of the British… By strolling around the palace and queuing incognito, accompanied by his wife, indicates Current Woman.

The outfit he wore would, it seems, shocked. The president was dressed in a navy blue jacket, a pair of sneakers and sunglasses. First Lady Brigitte Macron wore similar attire. “Coming in sneakers to a funeral. But what a shame,” reacted lawyer Pierre Gentillet, for example, reports TF1.

On the other hand, they changed, having more formal clothes, to visit the hall of Westminster where the former regent is.

Surprised by the journalist of Franceinfo, Pierre Louis Caron, who relayed his remarks on Twitter Emmanuel Macron would have declared on this occasion “We share the pain of the British, here it is”.

Following up on his remarks on Thursday, September 15, 2022: “Monday, I will be in London to attend the funeral. […] The bond between France and the United Kingdom is unbreakable. We will continue to weave it, following the path laid out by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II”.

In addition, after the tribute paid to the queen, the president will participate in a reception with King Charles and other heads of state, indicates the Daily Online…