Good deals are approaching, they have even already started! Who says end of November, says Black Friday. This day of promotions, coming straight from the United States, is attracting more and more consumers in France, in search of the best offers. Clothing, telephony, high-tech, furniture and decorations… They watch out for promotions to sometimes earn 30%, 40%, 50% or even 60% on the total amount. While some denounce these discounts, which are not always discounts, others benefit greatly from them, but beware of the various pitfalls. This year, you will have to be ready on Friday, November 25.

Planet regularly gives you advice and tips on how to get good deals and not be fooled by certain promotions, which are not really promotions. If you plan to make a lot of purchases for Black Friday, remember to check certain points in your bank account. Indeed, as Boursorama explains, it is better to know your means of payment so as not to have any unpleasant surprises.

Black Week, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday… Since this Friday, there are many reasons to buy and you will surely be tempted by many products. Before you start, remember to check the authorized limits on your credit card. If you have an overdraft and you are not against the idea of ​​using it for this occasion, then check the fees that apply before you put yourself in the red.

If you only have a small margin left before reaching your limit, you can always change it from your banking application. Please note that this option is not always possible and may be chargeable. This operation can be done on an exceptional basis and for a limited time, so don’t worry if you are afraid that your bank card will be stolen. As Boursorama explains, you can also take advantage of split payment offers, to spread the amount you owe over several months. Be careful what you sign all the same, do not commit yourself without having read all the small lines of the contract, at the risk of having bad surprises a few days later…