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The sale of your property is approaching and many doubts assail you? How to set the right price? What should be favored in the announcement that will appear? How to organize future visits? To answer all your questions, here is the guide to the 10 mistakes to avoid in order to sell your property well.

As an owner, you have responsibilities and you must provide future buyers with mandatory real estate diagnostics. Sanitation, verification of the gas installation, upgrading of electricity, energy performance diagnosis (DPE)… Formalities are necessary to sell your property and they will allow you to gain the trust of your buyer. Do not forget this important step and plan to carry out these steps well before the publication of your ad: this will save you time on your transaction.

As Jean-Guy de Bazelaire, real estate expert, explains, “sellers can make mistakes when selling their property, which is why a real estate agent is useful”. For him, “selling real estate is a long process, strewn with pitfalls and pitfalls”, and he believes that a neophyte can “fall into it very easily”. The real estate agent specifies in particular that “three quarters of sales initiated between individuals abort” while “70% of owners go through an agency”. Good reasons to think about using a real estate agent.

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For our real estate expert, it is risky to “put a sale price at random, without knowing the market”. “To put a price too high, to be too greedy, is a natural and automatic reflex”, you must therefore be careful not to blacklist your property from the market. In the event of an overvaluation, the property may remain on display for months and arouse mistrust by remaining unsold. It is therefore important to ensure a reasonable selling price.

Conversely, it is essential to obtain an estimate close to the real value of the property. A real estate agency can guarantee you with certainty the right price for your apartment or your house by using its expertise. As Jean-Guy de Bazelaire points out, you must not give in to the desire to “sell too quickly and too cheaply”. “As an agency, we are also there to advise and tell sellers that they can choose a higher selling price for their property”.

To hope to sell your property, you must not neglect the announcement that will be broadcast. In its writing, it is necessary to be precise and to go to the essential. Jean-Guy de Bazelaire reminds us that “it’s a subtle exercise”: “if we’re content with three lines, it’s still too vague, which is why I prefer very precise, detailed announcements, which makes it possible to qualify the calls. The person calling the phone knows, in the end, already the composition of the property in question”.

Our real estate expert points out the importance of the choice of photographs that accompany the ad: “The individual is not a photographer, he will often take very bad photographs, which will serve him and make the client run away”. He therefore advises taking particular care in the selection of photographs, avoiding useless rooms (bathroom, WC) and focusing on living rooms to “enhance the property and present it in an attractive way”.

It would be wrong to forget the impact of the seasons in the sale of an apartment or a house. It is still smarter to choose spring or summer to put your property up for sale and thus take advantage of families who wish to move on sunny days before the start of the school year.

Jean-Guy de Bazelaire explains that visits must be filtered to “protect the seller and qualify the contacts”. It is important not to show your house to just anyone and to focus on serious buyers, who do not come to see the property out of curiosity. It is necessary at all costs to avoid this type of superfluous visits which “waste time and money”. Our real estate expert also recommends being cautious in the face of personalities who could be scouting for a burglary.

During the visits, it is advisable to be attentive to the atmosphere released by the place. It is advisable to do a major cleaning of your house or apartment, but also to declutter it so that buyers can project themselves there. A healthier living space, carefully chosen lights or even imposing furniture removed can make the difference in winning the hearts of buyers.

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If you have chosen a real estate agency, you will have to step back and let your expert act. As a privileged interlocutor, he will be able to find the right words to convince buyers. It is therefore necessary that you remain in the background during the visits so as not to interfere with the exchanges and to let the buyers make up their own mind thanks to the arguments of your real estate agent.