Advent calendar reminder: the potentially contaminated reference


If you’re a big foodie and your Advent calendar this year is full of mini sausages, beware! Indeed, the calendar of the butcher house L

The tradition of these calendars counting down the 24 days preceding Christmas is a German invention. It dates from the 19th century, and originally consisted of one pious image per day to show children looking forward to the arrival of Christmas. The very first Advent calendar with small windows to open daily was marketed in 1920. In 1958, we witnessed the addition of small chocolates in the boxes, according to Ouest France.

If you regularly follow the announcements of Reminder Conso, you certainly know that salmonella is not kidding! It is necessary to avoid at all costs to ingest the product suspected of contamination. If ingested, monitor your symptoms and seek medical attention immediately if you feel woozy. Do not forget to mention the fact that you have consumed this product with your general practitioner.

Here is the reference to know: