Massive flour recall: the list of supermarkets concerned


Whether it is to cook quiches or chocolate cakes, salty or sweet, flour is an essential element of the kitchen. However, like most food products, it is no stranger to recall procedures. Cheeses, meats or even fish, many foods can sometimes be pinned by the Rappel Conso website for various reasons.

This time, it is the 1 kilo package of T80 wheat flour from the Transition brand that is being recalled across the whole of France. Indeed, a level of Ochratoxin A above the authorized regulatory limit has been detected and this could lead to other chemical contaminants.

The product was on the shelves from December 2, 2021 to March 11, 2022. Its exact title is “T80 wheat flour 1kg from the Transition brand – in organic conversion”. The batch concerned is the number 191121, has as GTIN 3770014111470 with a date of minimum durability fixed at 19/11/2022.

Packages are no longer for sale. They must no longer be consumed or used and can be returned to the store for a refund. Be careful, however, because the recall procedure will end on December 9th.

This flour was on sale in the stores of several famous brands throughout the country. Discover in our slideshow the list of the 8 points of sale where it is possible to bring it back to obtain a refund.