Bart Swings Sunday at the International Openingswedstrijden in Inzell, as the third ended up in the 3,000 meters. Swings recorded a time of 3:41.54. This is the training camp for two weeks, with the Belgian national team in the South of germany schaatsoord off.

The victory of the training are often driven for three miles was made to the Norwegian Sverre Lunde Pedersen is in a strong 3:39.79. The Dutch veteran, Douwe de Vries was second in 3:40.23.

the day after her first 500 meters in under forty-five seconds, and ended Stien Charles the ninth, in 40.17. Designer Purse, the age of thirteen, has improved her best time to 40.64. The victory went to the Dutch Ireen Wüst is at 38.74.

In the 1,500 meters, brought Charles to a personal performance of 2: 04.26 (xiv). Even here, the victory will go to schaatslegende Wüst in 1:54.79. In the 3,000 meters was a Bag of the seventeenth in 4:16.88, also a personal best. The Dutch, Melissa (Female, won in 4:01.07.

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