you can Get a brand-new father’s day number of days of leave? In the Room there is this, in any case, to reach an understanding. The greens, christian democrats and the socialists were sure to be in for. And the liberals say it is not good value for money. Now that money can find.

If the father is now on a ten-day leave of absence. For the first three days are paid for by the employer, and the other seven are used by the fund and, therefore, the government will be compensated. A Greek and an Italian father are only two days, but compared to most of the other EU countries, the Belgian system is on paternity leave, but ill be off.

And yet, it appears from the figures that not all of the men in the ten days as well. In fact, one in five will take days not or not fully on. Because they’re afraid of their career, shall suffer, or because the employer is not able to jump. The paternity leave is a right, but it is not an automatic entitlement. The father should be the first to request that, in contrast to the mothers who have just given birth.

193 million.

“this automatic assignment, it will come out. Then the father no longer hesitate to take the leave of absence to take up. There is also not a single mom, who are wondering whether they are 10 or 15 weeks, you are going to take?”, says Green Member of parliament, for the Public Also. They had to pass a bill that not only automatically assigned, but it will also leave together for up to 25 days. Price: 193 million.

Not that all of the parties have so far to go, but it’s as good as everyone wants, the system needs to be improved. The PS has submitted a proposal to the 20-days-to-go, the CD&V wants to be 15, and the Open VLD promised before the election to 20 days. In the Committee on Social Affairs, there is at least a consensus, in order to work. Now, there are still no new federal government has to be seen, can be either one or the other majority party to pass a bill not to oppose it. There will be a first for the hearings, and the court of auditors shall be selected in order to calculate how much everything will cost.

Reduce stress.

this seems to be the biggest problem to have. Because Belgium is already a deficit of 7 billion faces in the Room and the participation of a number of laws, agreed that a lot of money is involved, talked to all the parties, to now, all proposals have to be calculated. Open VLD wants to be first, and the judgment of the court of auditors to wait and see before committing themselves to speak out, says a party leader: Egbert Lachaert.

But even without the Open VLD, the chances are that there will be a majority to have a better paternity leave. “It has been well worth the investment,” says Willaert. “It causes less stress on father’s, the balance between family and work easier and helps to ensure that the caring responsibilities more equally to be divided between the mother and the father.”

The greens are willing to give up their proposal, and to reach a consensus and to work with. Their suggestion is not to take it or leave it, you hear the sound of it.

for More about the Green of Ghent wants to be one hundred per cent social, and Peter De Roover (N-VA) tempers optimism about the federal formation: “it is not a solution,” a Flemish member of Parliament, Vande Reyde (Open VLD), regrets the limited resources in the social budget at the End of October, we will know if he also to the Greeks, the competition for the presidency, the Flemish Interest