Vairelles, Tyson, Ronaldo… These athletes splashed by scandals


Mike Tyson, Ronaldo, Tiger Woods… All these names have now entered the legend of sport. Each of their careers is unique and has marked public opinion. Even today, they have many fans all over the world.

However, these athletes have been affected by sometimes serious cases which have, in some cases, permanently tarnished their reputation. While these scandals go back years for some, others have been affected much more recently.

This is particularly the case of former footballer Tony Vairelles sentenced to 5 years in prison.

The facts took place 10 years ago, on the night of October 22 to 23, 2011, at the exit of the nightclub Les 4 As, in Essay-lès-Nancy, in Meurthe-et-Moselle. “Giovan and Jimmy, two of Tony’s brothers, had an argument with the security guards because of the ban on keeping your drink on the dance floor.”, relates RMC sport.

The altercation then continued in the parking lot and escalated into a shootout, Tony and his three brothers opened fire, wounding three guards.

The investigation lasted 10 years and saw four successive investigating judges. The verdict finally fell, and Tony Vairelles will receive a prison sentence of 5 years, two of which are suspended. Similarly, his brothers were also sentenced to 5 years, including 2 suspended sentences also for Fabrice Vairelles and 3 years, including 2 suspended sentences for Jimmy and Giovan. The four brothers can still appeal.

The three guards meanwhile received a three-month suspended prison sentence for one and four months for the other two. They were prosecuted for violence in meetings with weapons.