Preparing for retirement: the 7 deadly sins to avoid


While many French people are already preparing for their retirement, the reform desired by the government plunges them into doubt. Indeed, several gray areas still hover over this project, making foresight more difficult.

This controversial reform should be discussed in the National Assembly at the beginning of 2023 with a view to adoption for the summer of the same year. For the time being, the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt as well as the unions have started the consultation cycles.

As the first draws to a close, the social partners have complained about a lack of transparency from the government about how it wants to carry out its actions. Indeed, on Tuesday, November 8, the unions received a summary of this first round of consultations.

This five-page document supposed to synthesize the arbitrations of the government on the question of the employment of seniors and professional wear and tear would have revealed only vague tracks. The unions indicate that the ministry would only have exposed its will and principles without mentioning concrete measures reports Sud-Ouest.

For example, Le Parisien, who was able to consult the document, reveals that on the question of combining employment and retirement, the ministry writes “it must make it possible to improve the level of retirement from the contributions paid” without providing more details. Regarding gradual retirement, the text specifies that a promotion must be made so that it is “better known and more easily mobilized”.

All this vagueness around this pension reform does not make it easier for all those French people who want to prepare for their retirement. It is a difficult process and to achieve it more easily, it is interesting to have in mind the 7 deadly sins, which, if denounced in the Christian religion, can also jeopardize retirement planning. Jean-François Chauffeté, founder and director of Expertise Optimization Retraite, sheds light on this subject.