Analysis Trumps a policy of crisis – the rebellion of the soldier of the old and the new US Minister of defense, protesting against the threat of President Donald Trump, the use of the military against demonstrators.Hubert Wetzel from Washington5 Kommentare5Ungewohntes image for the United States: The national guard ranks parallel to the protesters on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.Photo: Ringo H. W. Chiu (Keystone)

This is the good news: The U.S. military is against Donald Trump. Number of ways have been reported in the past few days, former generals to word, and – partly in horror, partly with disgust – the threat of the President is criticized, he is going to use the regular army against demonstrators and rioters. You can bet that you do, in order to give many active officers that are not able to Express themselves, a voice. That Trump now says, in typical Trump fashion, all of a sudden, he’ll have to use the military might remain, shows how solid the resistance.

On Wednesday, the Protest reached the highest ranks: the First time the Minister of defence Mark language-Esper, the President publicly. He does not hold the position long, for so threatening that the army had to intervene, he said. A few hours later, his predecessor James Mattis, a religious behängter former four-star General of the marine infantry, and with an unprecedentedly sharp opinion. Mattis referred to trump’s threat as “unconstitutional and immoral”.

Trump the Americans are rushing against each other to

And because he was in the journey, reckoned Mattis equal to the previous term of office of the President. Trump made three years of nothing but columns, as the Americans and against each other. So would have been ruled by the Nazis, he wrote. And now that Trump fly all around the ears, calling it after the military. One understands after reading it, why the General had in his service the nickname of “Mad Dog”.

Esper, Mattis and the other former officers, the speaking Trump to resist, right. It’s a tragedy if American soldiers would be misused to shoot on American citizens, just so Trump can show what a tough guy he is. No one can guarantee that soldiers in case of emergency, one of the protesters, of his constitutional right to freedom of Assembly and expression can be distinguished from a rioters that does exactly that also, but with the addition of stones throws.

“This is unconstitutional and immoral”: James Mattis, former defense Minister of President Donald Trump.Photo: J. Scott Applewhite (Keystone)

shake The riots and looting, the America, since the death of the Black George Floyd, are criminal, dangerous and wrong. But you still have a long way not to an extent that would justify the use of the army. The United States is not stand on the edge of collapse. To preserve the public order, or – by force, if necessary – to restore, in a democracy, it is the responsibility of the police.

To support in particularly difficult situations, the governors can activate the national guard. The regular military against the own population March – the monarch, coup ends of the colonels and dictators.

America’s democracy must be rescued by her soldiers in front of the own President.

But this is also bad news: The U.S. military is against Trump. Because, just as in a democracy, the army and police should do, should officers in a democracy to interfere in politics. Mattis and the other critics know this very well. You keep it is obvious, nevertheless, is necessary, only shows how precarious health conditions, the American policy is.

Yes , the Democrats hold angry Talk. But they are not in Power. Actually, it would have to keep the senators and deputies of the Republican party in Congress has a duty to defend America’s Constitution, America’s democracy and the lives of America’s citizens – and that it was against the President. But the Republicans have long since capitulated in front of Trump. Some members of Parliament urge the President and even the army. The Rest of the party way down Fig.

After three and a half years Trump the bitter truth remains: The oldest democracy in the world must be rescued by her soldiers in front of the own President.

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