Comic book to Roald Dahl – Together against the witches to be exciting, funny and full of Action: Pénélope Bagieus Comic book “the witches” after the submission of Roald Dahl’s spooky Bijou is a funny.Martina Knoben0 comment Eder nameless Boy who must find the grandmother, was transformed by witches into a mouse.Reprodukt

In the books of Roald Dahl can happen at any time, the worst of All. The parents are eaten by a rhinoceros, for example, as in “James and the giant peach,” or that a Boy is transformed into a mouse, as it happens in “the witches”. Dahl wrote the book in 1983, Nicolas Roeg filmed with Anjelica Huston as the chief witch. The 1982-born French cartoonist Pénélope Bagieu is a wonderful comic book collection: funny and scary close to the original, with its own idiosyncratic line.

As the story begins, is about to happen, the worst already. In comics, nameless Boy who has lost his parents in an accident, now his grandmother’s taking care of him. With her purple thick glasses, hair paffend,, again and again, a cigar is the eccentric Elderly woman the Star of the Comics.

Since “Fearless”, two books about famous women, Bagieu as a feminist cartoonist. The fearsome witch organization, of the Dahl told, is likely to have fallen. Finally, there is no Satan, who seduces the women, but a powerful, evil witch, a tightly organized woman has headed close home Federal.

Typical witches: clawed hands, bald heads and stumpy feet

the witches, learns from his grandma, look like normal women, but you hate children and you want to kill. Recognize you can feet to your claws, hands, bald heads and Butts. The Bagieu so funny-and scary, as Dahl would have invented the witch’s own types specifically for you to Illustrate.

As the Kid happened to be in a meeting of the “Royal society for the prevention of child abuse”, get it fast, that it is a Witch’s front group, which is planning to kill all the children in England. However, he is discovered and in a mouse turned into a disaster, but only from the adult point of view.

as a mouse the Boy remained himself and fights together with the grandma and a transformed, self-confident girls against the witches. A psychologist might speak of resilience. Here the Story is so action-Packed, exciting and funny, the fight and the will to live of self-understanding. In addition, one has rarely seen such a pretty blue-eyed mouse like the enchanted girl.

Pénélope Bagieu, Roald Dahl: “the witches”. Reprodukt, Berlin, 2020, 320 p., approximately 28 Fr.

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