Refurbishment required – No commemorations to 31. Anniversary of the Tiananmen square MassakersIn the night of the 4. June 1989 mowing down Chinese tanks in the hundreds or even thousands of students protesting for more democracy. The dark Chapter is now to be more closely illuminated. 1 Kommentar1Am 4. In June 1989 the Chinese government put the demonstrations on the Tiananmen square bloody. Photo: Keystone/EPA/Wu Hong

The bloody suppression of protests on Beijing’s Tiananmen square anniversary today, Thursday 31. Time. In mainland China, commemorative events are banned.

in the Hong Kong special administrative region, the authorities have vigils this year says. As a basic precautionary measures against the spread of the Coronavirus have been given.

The organizers see this as only a pretext. In the semi-Autonomous Hong Kong and it has been since last year, large demonstrations of the democracy movement.

The Chinese army was on the night of the 4. June 1989, with tanks against the students followed, who demonstrated on the Tiananmen square in Beijing for more democracy. Hundreds, according to some estimates, even more than a thousand people were killed.

“mothers of Tiananmen” want justice

Also, 31 years later, the theme in China is a taboo. Relatives of the victims have now called for a work-up of this dark Chapter of Chinese history. In an open letter on the anniversary on Thursday of the “mothers of Tian’anmen called on” the Chinese leadership to break their Silence, to open the archives and to explain the events that had led to the death of their loved ones, such as the U.S. broadcaster Radio Free Asia reported.

the observer reminded, in view of the threat of U.S. President Donald Trump, to the military during the protests in the United States, on the fatal consequences of the former military use in China.

While in China, a public commemoration of the victims has always been prohibited, prohibition, the police in Hong Kong for the first time in three decades, the annual candle-prayer in the Chinese special administrative region.

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