looking for a player with Potential for the Playoffs, the Management of the Golden State Warriors developed in the early summer of an unusual Plan. You threw the Angel to a veritable Basketball All-Star, interested for the moment, however, no other team seriously. Why? In the case of DeMarcus Cousins, then still with the New Orleans Pelicans, crack in January, the left Achilles tendon when he landed after a jump for the Rebound on the hard parquet. A violation, which is one of the most momentous in sports, especially for basketball players, one of which – according to the statistics – then hardly anyone still plays well as before.

such A concern seemed to be not in the NBA to Harbor master for the past two years. The long-term perspective, eating away from a high-profile Game around the Trio of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. And Cousins, 2.11 Meter tall, 28 years old, would have been in every other Phase of his career for the Warriors too expensive anyway. Not because it is missing the Warriors, one of the wealthiest clubs in the best Basketball League in the world, money. But because the salary limit for NBA Teams, called the Salary Cap, rich Teams stop them from buying the market empty.

What austüftelte therefore, in Oakland, is one of the most creative options in a business that is no longer without, as a rule knowledgeable Manager works with the calculator: It was with Cousins a Deal, the Center conceded during the rehabilitation phase, only a fraction of the market value of a fully healthy center: $ 5.3 million, limited to a season. As Cousins was a few days ago, fit enough to be a normal Training, sent him to the Warriors for the first time to the Santa Cruz Warriors, the offshoot of the Teams in the so-called G-League, a game mode for young workers, and care cases.

Only this much is certain: the Golden State pays him for a few months, not only the Pro-rata tranches of the agreed salary. As a side-effect of the commitment, the more amount the club must pay as a so-called luxury tax to the League rose to an estimated $ 22 million. The reason for the penalty: it belongs to the concept of Salary Cap, as they have practiced the Two-country League with a total of 30 clubs. A control mechanism, in a position paper of the 1. FC Union Berlin to the future of the Bundesliga’s appeal: “The limitation of salaries is a clear sign not to go steady upward spiral in long not to place, treble is longer.”