Nothing against new year’s eve firecrackers, you can put easily smaller States in the rubble. The names of the corresponding manufacturers tell anyway, they come from the world of war, not of strength: “Scream Machine,” 222 shot, caliber 8 mm; fireworks-battery-composite “Iron Sky”, diameters up to 18 mm; and for all who like it even more clearly: “Bomb”; “Horror 1 tanks Blitz”. A wonderful offer for people who want to feel the three days of the year as Kim Jong-un, who detonates the bomb, the thickness of the finger on the button, a large Circle of us. And while Kim pulls back, kindle you really.

this kind of tough guys (a quota for women in “Horror 1 tanks Blitz”-detonators has yet to be recovered, no one, simply because hysterical firecrackers are not interested in women) by the German environmental aid nothing to say. The has noted this week that by the new year’s eve böllerei created a lot of fine dust in big cities, as much as on any other day of the year – almost one-sixth of the amount of road traffic caused in the whole year. Fine dust threatened two urdeutsche pleasures: free travel and free shoot. Both is often defended with reference to the pleasures of hedonism: You can still! We will not allow ourselves to take. Who says what: fun brake.

customs change

But a fun, the brakes just because someone says something about it, is anyway not more than a joke with a secretly guilty Conscience. You can have a laugh about the environment help, because her Name sounds like do-gooder, and the animal friends, because they complain about the horrors of the Böllerei for wild animals. But why is actually respectable citizens are every year, firecrackers in front of the door-to-door or even in the hood throw and the with the justification to accept that it was now time, Fun, German custom, is simply an old new year’s custom? Customs change. The Germans were on new year’s eve burning wooden wheels through the area roles; to be of a such caught, have to fear to happiness.