Supposed rip-off was breakdown – Serafe sends 224’000 households account doppeltDie Swiss collection Agency for Radio and television output has been a Chaos in accounting: Due to a production error 224 of the received’000 households, the bill of Serafe two Times.3 Kommentare3Eine woman takes a bill from the Serafe from the Envelope.Photo: Gaetan Bally/Keystone

For Radio and television fees two Times to the cashier and asked – the 224’000 the house happened to hold in Switzerland. The alleged rip-off turned out to be a “production error when the invoice sequence” in the Swiss collection Agency for Radio and television tax (Serafe).

Immediately after becoming aware of the incident, the Federal office for communication (Ofcom) had been informed, as the Supervisory organ of the Serafe AG about the incident, say it in a message of the Radio and television delivery-from Monday.

The investigations have shown that 224’printed 000 invoices in one of the two pressure service centres for a second Time, Packed and the Post office had been handed over to the shipping. Since it is a matter of invoices from the correct data, whether the open amounts in the systems of Survey properly recorded and only once due to it means more.

The affected customers can dispose of, therefore, the double-bill you have received. Double paid invoice amounts will be refunded to the customers of the collection Agency.

(SDA /aru)

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