transport hundreds of money in the whole of Germany, are on strike as of Wednesday morning. The services Union Verdi has called on the 12,000 employees of the money – and value-industry work stoppages. By the strikes of the Cash transactions in Germany will be disturbed significantly, said Verdi on Tuesday. Many banks and retail stores would get after the holidays no fresh cash. ATM, after the turn of the year, many empty, were not refilled. Also, the pick-up of the day’s receipts at Department stores and discounters, furniture and hardware stores, as well as other large companies is not guaranteed.

The language of the employers ‘ side. The cash supply is not for the time being at risk of major impairments was not initially expected, said a spokeswoman of the Federal Association of German money and valuables services. The industry not only work on weekdays. So ATM had been filled in on new year’s day. A warning strike was annoying, and for corporate tax. But: “The supply will not collapse.” In addition, the negotiations went on.

After five unsuccessful rounds with the employers in collective bargaining, according to Verdi on the 3. and 4. January continued. “Our message to employers is clear: If again, not a negotiating offer on the table to be extended to the work stoppage,” said Verdi negotiator Arno Peukes.