There is already a new trend has emerged on social media in a playful way, to take revenge on the aggressive ex-boyfriends. The young women who are using their voice, the skin, which is filled with every name in the book by their bitter exes, as a response to a sarcastic dance to the message-to-do. “I’m dancing on my ex, which to me, shouts, because I leggings wore it to school, it sounds like it.

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the Latest hype in the internet, it is very funny, but also very dangerous, this is the Vacuum challenge:

is Not as simple as it may seem, this is the #MilkshakeChallenge the latest internethype

for The Model Challenge world. Maybe this is the attempt of a strip club, you want to keep:

More about that by any chance? A young lady, in death, escape after an allergic reaction at a restaurant, but the owner shows any moment of compassion,” Turmoil after a video of the “vliegtuigkaping,” the world will be delivered to: carrier clarifies the Motorists are startled by a heavy crash at the crossroads, after politieachtervolging Father spookgezin is an open book on social media-Gerrit Jan van D., will share images of cats and dogs, flowers, and home-made equipment.