The theatrical adaptation of Virginie Despentes’ trilogy will be presented at Usine C from April 30, 2024, directed by Angela Konrad.

The new director of Usine C had adapted the first volume in June 2022. We found David Boutin in the role of the fallen record store, Vernon Subutex. He was notably surrounded by Violette Chauveau, Anne-Marie-Cadieux, Paul Ahmarani and Dominique Quesnel.

It is this same distribution that will take over the first volume, will offer volumes 2 and 3 in a separate representation, and finally will present the complete version.

Usine C has unveiled four other shows for its next season. These are Not One of These People, by Briton Martin Crimp, directed by Christian Lapointe — which will feature the two playwrights alternately; Public Confession, by Mélanie Demers, with Angélique Willkie; Darkmatter, by Dutch choreographer Cherish Menzo; and Libestod, by the Spaniard Angélica Liddell.

The electronic music and digital arts festival, MUTEK will also occupy Usine C for two evenings in August — the 18th and 19th.