It is good to teach your kids to be independent. In some countries, parents do not even bring their kids to school anymore. They use public transportation without assistance from adults. They leave their home, walk on the streets and head to the nearest stations to go to school independently. It might seem impossible for some parents to approve of the idea, but it is crucial to teach kids how to be independent. The perfect way to make it happen is by letting them practice crossing the streets. They need to remember these tips to stay safe.

Use the pedestrian lanes only 

Let them know that they should only cross the street using pedestrian lanes unless there is a footbridge. Explain to them that the white or yellow lines on the road are the only areas where they should cross. Even then, you need to tell them to be careful when crossing since some drivers are not mindful when driving.

Explain the road signals  

You need to teach your kids about the meaning of road signals and traffic light colours. They might not be aware of their importance and put themselves at risk. The most important signs are the green and red lights for people crossing the street. Again, some drivers do not pay attention to the signals, so it is essential for kids to be aware. They need to look around before crossing.

Wear bright coloured outfits 

You can also let your kids wear bright-coloured clothing so that it is easy for drivers to see them when crossing the streets. Considering how short they are, it might be difficult to see them from the other side. However, when they wear something bright, they could quickly catch attention.

Use the pavement 

The pavement is primarily for people who do not intend to cross the street. Cars and other vehicles cannot use it. Therefore, it is safe for kids to walk in that area. Tell them to stay there unless it is time to cross the street because there is a pedestrian lane.

Use of phone  

Some parents do not allow their kids to use mobile devices, while others do. If you let your kids use their phone, it is okay. They will benefit from it since they can access educational information. The problem is when they keep using the phone even when walking on the road. They might even wear headsets. Let them realise that it is inappropriate, and they could endanger themselves. They need to be attentive and try not to use the phone on the road. If they wish to text or call someone, they need to find a safe place, before they continue walking.

These safety tips on the road are crucial in keeping your kids safe. However, you also need to consider the other risk when using their phones- radiation. It is vital for you to tell them to use an EMF pendant and other radiation blockers so they will not be at risk from radiation-related illnesses.