Ghent, and Volunteers in the care for mentally disadvantaged people. And if a buddy gives you, just by being there and the fun activities that take people out of their social isolation. But, what you must do, and what is the commitment?

” take Care vermaatschappelijken is a hot topic. It merely means that people in need of care, as long as you stand outside of a health care provider are able to function thanks to the support of a social network. From this point of view, are the buddywerkingen occur: a duowerking in between, a companion, a buddy, and the “buddy” who he/she is playing. There are duowerkingen on culture, leisure and sport, well-being, health and inclusion, and there is always the question.

Buddywerking in Flanders is aimed at the mentally disadvantaged people, and supports 415 students. This said, at the city headquarters of the Buddywerking Flanders, coordinator of buddywerking, and school Support, Mental Health npo, Robin Broché. “The demand will continue to grow,” he says.

“the Psychic well-being depends on them, a solid social safety net,” says Robin, Broché. “Our target audience doesn’t have that any more. They are lonely and struggling with social relationships. As a buddy, you would restore their self-confidence and self-esteem in a cup with a drink, and a movie theatre have to do it, go for a walk. There just has to be, if you have a single point of contact and acts as a sounding board.”

“the Valuable company of all of its simplicity, and is a little ray of hope for the participants. People are really on those trips. As a buddy, you will be the link with the outside world, to break out of the vicious circle, and you’ll help your buddy out of his shell and to get on.”