Young Audrey Lamy: she reveals her childhood photos with the family on the web


Here is a leading figure in cinema. Audrey Lamy is one of the heroines of the film Rebelles broadcast this December 11 on France 2. With Cécile de France and Yolande Moreau, they embody a trio of workers in a fish cannery who are not afraid of anything in this comedy quirky and punk.

With Gala, the actress revealed in Scenes of households confides in her character with an atypical style. “What I like about Marilyn is her rock n roll side. Far from the clichés of social film in the north where depressed people are depicted in a miserable mode. These workers that we embody with Cécile and Yolande are close of us, they are worthy and have a lot of self-mockery”. A group of rebellious and united girls that Audrey Lamy knows well.

For the forties, comedy is a family affair. Among the women in his life, his older sister Alexandra Lamy and his niece Chloé Jouannet also lead an extraordinary career on screen. United in joy and success, the three members of the clan do not hide their affection for each other. To the point of one day seeing them starring together on screen?

“There may be something very, very strong that will happen with my sister”, indicated Alexandra Lamy at the microphone of France Inter in December 2021, before warning. “So I think my publicist must be watching and she’s like ‘don’t talk about it!’ but the three of us have a project with my sister and my daughter, precisely for a platform, for a series and I think it’s going to be great.

Invited last March in 50 min Inside on TF1, his younger sister Audrey Lamy shared this same enthusiasm. “We would love it, we would love it, and it will come! That’s for sure, that’s for sure, it will come, we’ll shoot together!”, she exclaimed in front of Nikos Aliagas. The least we can say is that this reunion will take place in 2023, since mother and daughter, and the aunt will play in Killer Coaster on the Amazon Prime platform.

In a first trailer unveiled on November 30 on social networks, we discover the three women transformed like never before. Sequins, thriller and carnival, each has its own appropriate style. Like Audrey Lamy, adopting the blonde fringe and the punk-rock style. An incredible transformation when you know that Chloé Jouannet’s aunt loves to stage herself on Instagram or share family memories with her fans. Does she look like her sister or her niece? It’s up to you to judge through this anthology in our slideshow.