a new version of the famous board game Monopoly, and try to use the U.s. toy manufacturer Hasbro inc., the gap, in order to turn around. Female players will earn more than their male competitors.

On the box of the new version of Monopoly is not the goal of the game property, which we all know so well, but they are not. Players will also not have to get a property, but to get a patent on inventions such as Wi-fi, a dishwasher and a bullet-proof vests, all the inventions that women have done so. The thimble or the top hat was replaced by a notebook, pen, bar, air, glass, or the white hat of the ms Monopoly.

But the biggest change is no doubt that women players make more money it will earn than their male competitors and, thus, announced the Decision Tuesday. Male players can still win, but it will be a little more effort on your part.

“We want to be the many of the accomplishments and contributions of women in our society to acknowledge it and celebrate it,” says Hasbro spokesperson Jen Boswinkel.

Concretely, start with the women in the game, with a 1.900 Monopoly dollars, while men’s are only $ 1,500 start-up capital is yours. Also, get the female participants to each of the time, when they start to pass $ 240, while for the male players, with the usual $ 200 it remains.

“that way, we want to be women, which is the status quo have to be challenged to honor it”, says the Decision, which noted that only 10 per cent of all patents in the name of a female.

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