As summer approaches, the Covid-19 already seems to be ancient history. Indeed, since May 16, the mask is no longer mandatory in public transport. There are now almost no health restrictions imposed on the daily lives of the French.

According to epidemiologists, however, the pandemic is not over and new waves could reappear. Some of them believe that Covid-19 is becoming a seasonal virus, in the same way as the flu.

Thus, the hypothesis that a vaccine should be carried out every year remains valid and is defended by several experts. Indeed, it is important to anticipate a potential epidemic resumption. “It’s even very important to do it. That means being up to date with your reminders. However, today less than a third of people over 60, who are nevertheless the most at risk of a serious form of Covid , made their second callback”, explains Damien Mascret, questioned by our colleagues from FranceInfo.

According to him, it might be appropriate to wait until the start of the school year to perform this second booster dose in order to be “full of antibodies during the wave expected in autumn and winter”. However, he also recalls that this subject does not have a consensus among scientists and that some recommend doing it now.

Indeed, the BA.4 and BA.5 variants have given a slight epidemic rebound for a few days. In some departments, the number of hospital beds occupied by patients with Covid-19 is increasing. If the situation remains under control for the moment, it is difficult to predict future events. Also, an extension of the possibility of carrying out a second booster dose could be considered later.

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