Open the door, throw some clothes inside and run the wash cycle. At first glance, nothing seems simpler than washing your dirty laundry… Do you still need to know how to use your washing machine correctly! Like all household appliances, the washing machine must be pampered in order to have the best life expectancy and to continue to function properly. This requires the adoption of good reflexes, such as respecting the maximum capacity of the washing machine and the use of suitable washing programs. But that’s not all !

You should also pay attention to the clothes you put in the washing machine:

One of the most common mistakes is closing the washing machine door directly after washing. “It is advisable to leave the drawer and the door of your washing machine open for a few moments so that they too can dry. This will avoid bad odors and mold which could then come to lodge on your laundry”, writes Current Woman. If your washing machine still shows traces of mold, you can eliminate them with one of the five tips that you will find in our slideshow below.